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Thank you for reading this article. 

Its scope covers; 


“Wellness” and  “Well-being;”  

Balance; Balancing; 

Time to Balance; 



Participating in Community; 

Sharing and Receiving in Circle; and 

Some examples of participants’ Experiences, feelings and benefits received, How 

long do the benefits last. 



After giving a presentation at the Ottawa Society of Dowsers, we had to be out of 

the building by 9 PM and participants had more questions.  In the parking lot 

while other conversations were also taking place, an older woman told me about 

diagnosed facial myalgia on one side of her face that caused her pain for years.  

She and I decided to explore using bio-computer muscle-testing.  At the end of 

five minutes she said her pain was gone. 


This encouraged me as a facilitator back in 1998 to invite people to gather in 

circle and freely share their talents in a give-and-receive manner.  The purpose  

was for us to contribute to each other’s wellness and by doing so enhance our 

collective well-being.  In 2008 we moved to larger facilities at the Ottawa Citizen 

Building. From 2009 to 2012 Spiritual Frontiers Canada graciously agreed to co-sponsor 

monthly gatherings at no financial cost to participants.  In appreciation, should participants want to be put on SFC's mailing list, Energy Balance Exchange will forward email addresses for inclusion on SFCs 400+ email distribution list.   


“Wellness” and “Well-being” 

A fellow filled with passion for the truth phoned me in May 2009. A straight 

shooter, he summarily challenged my use of the word of “Wellness” telling me in 

no uncertain terms that the word does not exist in the dictionary.  And to use that 

in a business name like “Wellness and Transformation” did nothing for 

credibility….  I thanked him for sharing and he hung up.  The beauty of that 

moment is that for clarity through objective sources (I hope you are curious too), 

I went on to online dictionaries and this is what I found for “Wellness” and “Well- 



wellness - a healthy state of wellbeing free from disease…. (Source: 



the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought 

goal <wellness clinics> <lifestyles that promote wellness> (Source: 


well-being - a contented state of being happy and healthy and 

prosperous; "the town was finally on the upbeat after our recent 

troubles" (Source: 




: the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous : welfare 



My interpretation is that “Well-being” is an end-state and holds the bigger picture of what we are asking for, while “Wellness” encompasses strategies for restoring and maintaining good health. 



Depending on the events in our lives, at any moment we can go into imbalanceAND go back into what people call “equilibrium.”    It’s as simple as being thirsty and then drinking clean, fresh, spring water.  Our bodies and our minds tell us so.   




The root of “economics” is the prudent management of resources and to me it has 

special significance for our health (wellness) and well-being, an often overlooked 

aspect seemingly taken for granted especially in the workplace and in 

negotiations for conflict transformation.   


We all have “surpluses” and “deficits” in our body/mind resources of energy and 

health.  We can transform these energetic resources. We can choose to exchange 

information and energetic surpluses to fill our deficits, whether it be hands-on 

and hands-free healing modalities, or compassionate active listening.  We can do 

this alone, and with others.  And we can further enhance new aspects of our 



Where “wellness” is reaching optimal health, the essence of well-being is about 

“balancing” our needs.  On one hand we have basic needs of space, temperature, 

air, water, food, shelter.  Beyond that we have relationship needs simplified by 

Vern Redekop into six deep-rooted human identity needs:  Meaning, Action, 

Recognition, Connection, Security and Sense of Self.  Balancing for ultimate 

“equilibrium” for individuals as well as nations means, in even simpler terms, we 

need to remember love AND universal peace…in short, co-creating heaven on 



Time to Balance 

Balancing may have instant results, and may take longer duration.  In the life we 

live in, the duration depends…on a lot of variables.   


When thirsty, drink.  When hungry, eat. When tired, sleep.  When unwell, we 

seek answers.  All these take various amounts of time.    


It depends…. after extraction a part of an extracted splinter was left under my 

skin in my index finger.  I had sustained discomfort for as long as it was there.  

The finger quickly and fully healed itself after the last bit was removed.   The 

healing took three days, more time than the moment it took for me get the 

splinter removed, yet less time that the period of discomfort (a week) with the 

remaining bit in my finger.  So it depends on the variables, such as detoxifying 

capacity of the subject, and the intention of the person doing the task.  When we 

are ready… 


Expanding Consciousness 

Living a theory may not be the easiest thing to do…like in the BIG scheme of 

things, good and bad moments shall pass. Like a pendulum going back and forth 

between polarities, there is in one aspect a net balance whereby good and bad

cancell each other out.  While in transition, another aspect is when we arrive at 

the balance midpoint between polarities, it is very easy for us to remember 

“Universal Oneness” when everything is precious, is of equal value and is 

irrelevant, all at the same time.   


Participating in Community 


o Are you in situations that you have not yet been able to resolve easily by 

yourself?    Are you prepared to listen actively and to observe actively for others, which will automatically reduce your own reaction to events in your own life?


o Despite various degrees of skepticism in small or large measure, are you 

open to the possibility that another person might be the one to gently 

accelerate your re-balancing?  As simply as through compassionate 



o Have you taken a workshop or course and could use some practice with 

your new skills and/or would like to practise listening with empathy? 


o Are you a facilitator in training and looking to complete case studies? 


o Are you a professional who wishes to expand your practice through word of mouth testimonials? 

Most importantly do you get eight (8) hugs a day... Paul Zak searched for the chemistry of  a morality gene, a trust molecule and found that by having skin contact like hugs or a high 5 or high 10 that stimulates the release releasing oxytocin... a bonding and loyalty neurochemical, which promotes empathy.  Other methods studied to release oxytocin included massage, dance and prayer.

 Sharing and Receiving in Circle 

 In an opening circle we explain how the Exchange is based on honouring other individuals’ gifts and situations, on interacting with other participants as equals in a life-enhancing positive manner, and realizing that any balancing process or tool can work for many at their matching frequency level.  Miracles are never guaranteed.  We do acknowledge they may happen, and welcome when they happen (shift happens!)   


For clarity and understanding, we ask participants and guests to state their offer and request two times.  We then mingle and match with others for one on one, one to many, and many to one balance exchanges.  We often have two or more exchanges in an evening. 


We also announce the upcoming events of the next two months, hosted by Spiritual Frontiers Canada (SFC) and participants may announce other upcoming events. 


At the Energy Balance Exchange evenings, we save time, money and feel good. Exchanges are simple AND profound at a personal level. Be prepared for an evening of universal peace, healing and …good surprises.  



Some examples of participants’ Experiences 

“Opening your mind to difference….feelings and techniques…learning something 

new each and ever’ time….met new people with same ideas as mine how to help 


Steve Priebe 


“I experienced a very positive kinesiology session and I also learned more about 

EMF (ed note: Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) balancing.”   



“Got lessons in EFT (ed. Note: Emotional Freedom Technique), to listen to someone 

else.  Opportunity to change my negative programming …subconsciously my self 

will BALANCE .  I learnt from others.” 

D. R.   


“…an opportunity to share/give a free EFT treat.  We both benefitted!  I received a 

reiki treatment and a mini-shoulder massage.”   

Jean-Louis Dubé, Wellness Educator and EFT Therapist. 


relaxing through Reiki” 



“opportunity to practise Reiki with others and teach them.  Thanks,” 



“received many mini-sessions: Reiki, MRS, Flower Essences, Nutrition, 

Chiropractic, reminder  on epsom salt baths”. 

Thōmas Martīn TegTmeyer


 “interesting, enjoyable experience. …Anything from the heart is healing.”  

Laughter Master 


“Following a therapeutic touch session, pain, tightness and muscle imbalance  

of a recent surgery was removed and corrected. 



“I gave a Therapeutic Touch treatment and the person felt really well. 10 year old 

trauma disappeared from her body.  We both felt great.” 

Barbara Schuster 



“I got an opportunity to practice my Reiki Skills. I got Reiki done on me and it was a very relaxing experience.” 





How long do the benefits last? 

 Explore what works for you.  A few answers I have heard, which each have 

some truth in them are: 




o It lasts as long as it lasts (for example, a meal lasts until you get 

hungry again.  And lasting balancing may be dependent on 

sustained good nutrition to maintain equilibrium. Body and 

blood chemistry balance is very important to stay in balance.) 


o It is permanent for the aspect you have addressed. For example, 

fear of swimming in a pool might be balanced out, yet when 

changing the aspect like swimming in a murky river where one 

received an initial trauma, another balance might be required. 

o When the body indicates that balancing is indicated to be a priority, results are longlasting. Additional timetested technics may be called upon to ensure longlasting results.

o When a new injury takes place, for example, from a fall or car accident,  the body may revert back to an imbalanced state in that area.

o When an old injury trauma has not been erased from muscle memory and it has been "hidden" the erasure can assist in preventing re-injury and to increase limberness in most of the joints of the body.



Thōmas Martīn TegTmeyer
Founder, EnergyBEE (Balance Exchange Event)

EnergyBEE does not necessarily agree with the statements or views of presenters and participants, yet is an open non-denominational gathering of individuals welcoming diverse traditions that promote good health and welcomes all who bring curiosity, attention and intention for universal healing and transformation. Information is for education purposes only to inform people of possibilities to transcend situations.
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