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“Following a therapeutic touch session, pain, tightness and muscle imbalance

of a recent surgery was removed and corrected.



“I gave a Therapeutic Touch treatment and the person felt really well. 10 year old trauma disappeared from her body.  We both felt great.”

Barbara Schuster

“I experienced a very positive kinesiology session and I also learned more about EMF (ed note: Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) balancing.”



“Got lessons in EFT (ed. Note: Emotional Freedom Technique), to listen to someone else.  Opportunity to change my negative programming …subconsciously my self will BALANCE .  I learnt from others.”

D. R. 


“…an opportunity to share/give a free EFT treat.  We both benefitted!  I received a reiki treatment and a mini-shoulder massage.”

Jean-Louis Dubé, Wellness Educator and EFT Therapist.


relaxing through Reiki”



“opportunity to practise Reiki with others and teach them. Thanks,”



“received many mini-sessions: Reiki, MRS, Flower Essences, Nutrition, Chiropractic, reminder on epsom salt baths.”
Thōmas Martīn TegTmeyer

 “interesting, enjoyable experience. …Anything from the heart is healing.”

Laughter Master


“I got an opportunity to practice my Reiki Skills. I got Reiki done on me and it was a very relaxing experience.”


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The range of experiences go from movement training, holistic education, to spiritual and energy healing all to do with vibration including prayer and blessings to effect functional and integrative transformation. None of the helping healing services are intended to diagnose, treat any medical condition unless the practitioner has a current and valid medical license. EnergyBEE does not necessarily agree with the statements or views of presenters and participants. All participants are advised to consult medical professionals before embarking on changes in their lifestyle.
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